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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Tuesday is the new Monday

Over in the UK we've just enjoyed a long Bank Holiday weekend. And something weird happened to me. I relaxed!

Then today, being Tuesday, was back-to school/college/work. It felt good. There was none of that Monday feeling (although I'm speaking for myself and not my DS or DD). I awoke feeling bright-ish, and by 9.30am I had read my daily Bible reading, finished my few minutes of physio exercise, checked my email AND had a shower and miracle of miracles even spent time/energy blow-drying my hair!!!!

As I'm writing this, I have also had the pleasure of updating my word counter - again! Yep, it's not even lunch-time and I've already achieved my daily word target of 500 words. WOW! I'm stunned. What's changed? My health? Nope. Since my birthday I've had major problems (again) with my eyes/vision, and they're still not back to normal.

I think I'm realising what has changed though - my attitude. It's about refusing to feel stressed out no matter what, and instead, becoming determined to have a Positive Mental Attitude. Let me tell you, PMA is a much better experience than PMT - and it's one I intend to practise from hereonin.

I'm now off to treat myself to watching one of my many new DVDs I've been given, knowing that I've accomplished (for me) lots today (including*whispering* heehee, my percentage overtaking Gray's :-D).

Wishing everybody a productive week.

Sue :-)


Cole said...

Great job on the attitude! I agree with you... sometimes things are really any better... we're just able to not let it bother us as much. :) Have fun watching the movie!


Melissa Marsh said...

You are such an inspiration, Sue. I LOVE your new attitude!

And yes - I could do without the Mondays every day of the week!

Jessica Raymond said...

Yay! You're more organized than me, I can tell you that :)

Jess x