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Friday, June 15, 2007

Looking Forward

You may have noticed that once again I haven't been around for a while. To be truthful I've been struggling - and my recent fall set me back again too.

I've had two medical appointments this week and I'm pleased to say I can once again see light at the end of the tunnel.

I've been treading treacle with my wip but I think it'll be okay - the problem's me more than my characters, so I just need to remember to be kinder to myself. When I'm fatigued and have other health stuff going on I just don't have the energy to add the required conflict to my writing.

Thankfully, the remainder of my plot is now unfolding and there's heaps of conflict going on. The best thing is I now can't wait to finish the first draft because I'm getting inspiration for the rewrite. I've discovered something that I can do to crank up the conflict at the very beginning of the story. If I can pull it off it will have loads more conflict.

I'm looking forward to becoming a regular visitor to your Blogs again soon.

Wishing everybody a great weekend!

Sue :-)


Cole said...

Hope your feeling better Sue! And awesome on the conflicts and writing! Isn't it fun to think of those things!?! :)


Amanda Ashby said...

Hang in there, Sue!

Antoinette said...

I'm tagging you Sue (please click my link)

Good luck with the writing and I hope you will feel better soon!

Did you see Lee at the National Lottery?

Liz Fielding said...

So sorry to hear about the fall, Sue. I hope you're on th mend. Good news about the conflict, though. I just love it when that happens!

Melissa Marsh said...

Feel better, Sue! We're all still here for ya. :-)