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Tuesday, June 05, 2007


The past few weeks have seen me having numerous stumbles/near-falls, but the security of fixtures and fittings around the house have been there for support and have saved me... until last night, that is!

Suffice to say my luck run out!! It could have been a lot worse but my body still took a huge jolt and it's triggered off a few of my MS symptoms - in particular vibrations/tremors.

The upshot is I've got to take things very easy for a while - which means my writing may not progress much over the next few days :-(.

The good news is that I have some fabulous reading to keep me busy - starting with Kate Hardy's ModX Breakfast at Giovanni's :-).

I'll be back again before too long, when (I hope) I'll be adding to my word count.


Melissa Marsh said...

Oh no, Sue! Glad you're all right. Enjoy your book!

Jessica Raymond said...

(((SUE)))!! Will email you.

Jess x

Lynette said...

Hope you're feeling better, Sue. :) Thinking of you.