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Saturday, July 07, 2007

A not so temporary hiatus...

... Hm. Where to start?

I've been doing lots of thinking (for a change). And also lots of not thinking, i.e. relaxing, and enjoying it. I've come to a conclusion (one of many) - I need to go into lurkdom in my virtual world. This means stopping my visible presence.

I've been on one heck of a journey since 2006 especially where my health's concerned, and it's a journey that isn't going to get easier any time soon. I'm learning heaps along the way - not only about myself but about other people too.

I am blessed with so much. I have so much to be thankful for. I have met some wonderful people in Blogworld and made some wonderful friendships with people I've genuinely grown to care about. This place has changed my life - in a good way.

I'm not stopping the blog and, indeed, MsCreativity may well crop up from time to time. Even if she can't be seen, be assured that she'll still be here - lurking - somewhere.

I'm also not stopping the writing - as if I could even if I wanted to! Wordcounters will still move from time to time. And, you never know, books may even get written!

I will no doubt see you every now and again on the various writers' groups/forums and for those in the RNA community I may even get to meet you in real life too.

In the meantime, thank you ALL for your wonderful support and encouragement, and I pray that you stay safe and happy. May all your writing dreams come true.

Lots of love,
Sue :-)