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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Our New Project

When I sent my Romance off to the NWS earlier this week I planned to tackle a rewrite of last year's unfinished HMB Medical U:MN.

Every writer knows what a lonely business writing is, and with the added stress of my chronic fatigue and other MS symptoms, I struggle more often than not. I've always secretly harboured a dream of writing with somebody else, after all a pain shared is a pain halved, right?!

Gray and I have even entertained the idea of collaborating and writing a book together from time to time, but for whatever reason it's never taken off.

Until now.

Imagine my surprise when Gray told me a couple of days ago that he felt ready to give it a go. I was all poised to work on last year's manuscript when he stopped me with his suggestion. I almost didn't believe it was going to be for real this time, but as of yesterday we now have our characters and a setting!

Our journey has begun!

He's still going to work on his Historical Romance, but we're also going to write a HMB Medical Romance together! We are both SO excited. We've yet to discover whether we can really write together because we both work completely differently - Gray's a plotter while I'm half pantser and half plotter. I also prefer visual images to help me capture the story, while all Gray needs is his Excel document. I know one thing for sure - it's going to be one heck of a challenge, and if yesterday's brain storming session is anything to go by, it's also going to be heaps of fun!

Watch this space (and that little guy up there^^^^).


Melissa Marsh said...

What fun! You two will have a blast. Enjoy!

India said...

Excellent idea-- can't wait to hear how you progress! (It's got to make for a great marriage as well as a great book, right? In fact, I'm thinking we should all give this a go!!)

Jessica Raymond said...

Ooh, what an exciting development! I've always thought it would be fun to work on a writing project in conjunction with someone :)

Jess x

Sue aka MsCreativity said...

So far, so good! Three days in and we have a plot... as well as a GORGEOUS hero and delightful heroine. :-)

India said "...it's got to make for a great marriage..." We-ell, I guess time will tell BUT suffice to say I don't think it'll do us any harm. ;-)