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Sunday, September 09, 2007


We have finished the outline for our Medical Romance! The past nine days have seen us brainstorming, arguing oops, I mean debating, and generally having heaps of FUN!

Seriously, neither of us knew when we embarked on this project (pumped with our knowledge attained at Julie & Kate's Workshop) that we would actually be able to do it - but it's WORKED!

Well, at least I think it has. This is where we're at:

Neither Gray or I have ever used this method of plotting before. For my last wip I tried using Gray's method of filling in Excel sheets on the computer but I never quite gelled with it. I can remember seeing this noticeboard method blogged about (on Fiona Harper's I think), and I loved the way it looked.

I should confess that I do have a stationery fetish, so I've been dying to have a 'real' reason to buy the different coloured record cards and gel pens for ages now! Gray wasn't intending to work from my plotting board, favouring documents on his computer, but we were BOTH surprised when we discovered that actually it's a FAB way of brainstorming/outlining. :-)

Firstly, we broke the structure down into twelve chapters, using columns for the beginning, middle and end sections of the story.

We used pink cards for scenes that are from the Heroine's POV, and blue for the Hero's. Later, we also used green to show us where there's a medical part. THEN, (remember I also needed a reason to justify buying different coloured gel pens), I used blue to write external bits that the reader is being shown, red, for the emotional conflict (yayy, it's got heaps) and feelings that the POV character is experiencing, and of course the green gel pen is for info briefly outlining the medical parts.

As we finished the outline for each chapter we also provisionally decided who's going to write the individual scene(s).


We both now plan to have a couple of days distance from the book, (Gray's also waiting for an additional research book to arrive), and we're going to try and get on top of the household chores (at least, I'll be delegating!). Then, we're going to come back to our cave and write out a full draft synopsis. *NEWSFLASH* Dare I say it, but synopses aren't scaring me at the moment - long may this contine (please)!

Once that's done and dusted I'm probably going to panic because we'll be ready to start... *deep breath*...Chapter One...


Kate Walker said...

Good for you! How great to have the outline so well worked out - okay, I admit I couldn't work that way but if it works for you . . . Now all you have to do is to write it! ;O )

Good luck to you and Gray

Jessica Raymond said...

Wow, I am so in awe! Your plot board looks great and so professional :) I'm glad you've found a method that works well for you both (I tried but kept ending up with blank cards spotted throughout the middle). Looking forward to seeing that word counter start ticking!

Jess x

Melissa Marsh said...

Wow! You guys did a lot of work. Woo hoo! And how cool that you're doing this together. :-)