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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Hospitals, Hairdressers & 'Falling' for Lee Mead

... what a rollercoaster few days we've had! I've been very careful not to tempt fate by announcing what our plans for yesterday were, because I SO didn't want anything to go wrong. The past six weeks have been the best I've had in years (healthwise). For the first time since my diagnosis of multiple sclerosis I even began to wonder whether maybe, just maybe, I was experiencing a bit of how it must feel to be in remission.

For MONTHS Gray and I have both been looking forward to an overnight trip to London to see the new wonderful JOSEPH production, starring LEE MEAD. Everything was looking great and going to plan. On Friday I was feeling so well, that I made a last minute hair appointment with a salon in Covent Garden - a stone's throw from our hotel and the theatre.
I was as excited about getting my hair cut as I was seeing Lee because it's been a whole TEN MONTHS since I've been well enough to even make it for a trim at a local hairdressers!

Saturday was my last day working on our book and my studies. Sunday was going to be devoted to relaxing in preparation for Monday's trip, and packing an overnight case etc. But Sunday was the day our well-laid plans began to unravel...

The ENTIRE DAY was spent rushing my DD between two hospitals. We thought she was going to be admitted at least for the night, and possibly loads longer (if she needed the emergency operation they'd prepared us for). London, haircut, Lee Mead, Joseph was suddenly no longer important nor an option. DD went through numerous different tests, the operation was eventually ruled out BUT they still wouldn't discharge her until late at night (because of lack of organisation in the NHS more than anything else). DD had been Nil By Mouth all day and the intravenous drip she'd been told they were giving her never materialised. I'm going to cut a long story short because otherwise this post will turn into one BIG rant.

Suffice to say all turned out well by late that night :-) and she was finally discharged - only problem was I had walked into the hospital ward earlier that day, but left in the evening needing my wheelchair :-(. DD was adamant that her pain had lessened enough for her to still go to college the next day, and although I wasn't happy about it she is 18 years old and I had to respect her decision. I got up early on the Monday to grill her further before I let her go off to college with my blessing, and by this time I really didn't feel up to coping with a trip to London :-(. DD had insisted that we mustn't miss the show because the first time I bought tickets I had to pass them on because she was in Egypt - and she didn't want to be responsible for me missing Lee again.

Suddenly, our plans were back on - we were going to London; I was getting my haircut, we were going to see JOSEPH and I might even meet Lee :-D. With only an hour to get packed and ready, we finally made it to the train station and the journey was stress-free. :-)

The hairdresser was worth every penny and even Gray was thrilled with the results :-D. We'd even planned on having him take a new photo for the Blog... (can you can hear the 'BUT' coming...?)

We'd just walked around the corner when on a particularly bad cobbled street/uneven path I fell down like a sack of potatoes!

Luckily we'd gone down a side street so we weren't quite in the centre of Covent Garden, but it was still awful - and packed with people sitting outside a Bistro. People, who I hasten to add, sat watching my embarrassment without any intention of helping... (to be truthful in many ways I was grateful for this but all the same it would've been nice to have had the offer.)

The next ten minutes or so I passed in and out of consciousness (safe in the arms of my real-life hero :-)) and we eventually made it back to the hotel. We had an hour before we had to leave for the show and slowly but surely my strength came back and I was determined to still go. No way was I going to let anything stop me (not even my real-life hero's concern).


Jessica Raymond said...

Oh, Sue!! Glad that DD is all better now -- what a fright that must have been. I was reading so fast to see if you finally made it to London. I'm so glad you did but "oh no" again at falling over! *HUG* I wait eagerly for Part II to see if you made it to the show OK.

Jess xx

Melissa Marsh said...

Goodness! Well, I can definitely tell that you're a storyteller because I was GLUED to your post!

Glad your daughter is ok - what a scare! And I cadn't wait to see if you made it to the show...