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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Our JOSEPH experience...

...So, we've made it into the theatre and as I walk into the foyer I find myself heading straight towards Adele Silva who's there with her mother. I felt a strong sense of deja-vous because I'd previously bumped into Adele a few years ago while shopping at Bluewater. I came so close to actually speaking to her this time but I felt so embarrassed because for the life of me I couldn't remember her name - only her character's name of Kelly who she played in Emmerdale. Adele was recently runner-up in this year's Hell's Kitchen on ITV.

We made our way to our seats (seven rows from the front :-) ) . As I sat down I remember feeling a little overwhelmed by the fact that I'd actually made it after everything that had happened. I'm going to pause here, to paste Gray's official review:

A clash of drums, a flash of light... and so Andrew Lloyd Webber’s new staging of JOSEPH and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat comes to London’s West End, complete with new effects, a new cast and a new lead actor fresh from BBC1’s talent show Any Dream Will Do, LEE MEAD.

(Photograph by Tristram Kenton © The Really Useful Group Ltd 2007)

It’s a musical that zings with energy and never lets up from the word go, packed with familiar songs and plenty of dance routines. The story, of Joseph’s growth from a vain young man to a wise ruler, is adeptly told and the supporting actors are all very good.

(Photograph by Tristram Kenton © The Really Useful Group Ltd 2007)

The production is laced with humour and colour and the special effects, including moving scenery and a hydraulic platform that lifts the star into the air over the audience, are fantastic. But the star of the show is the fresh faced Lee Mead, who makes the role his own and banishes any memories of Jason Donovan or Donny Osmond. Mead is vibrant, energetic and powerful and really comes into his own during his many solos, when the power of his voice rings out through the auditorium.

(Photograph by Tristram Kenton © The Really Useful Group Ltd 2007)

A dull moment never goes by and the production is a resounding success. Joseph and his Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat is a real treat for the senses and wholeheartedly recommended to all.

A VERY special surprise to follow...