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Monday, October 01, 2007

Study, study and MORE study...

...and I'm LOVING it!

Right now, I'm studying two courses (yep, you heard right): My next OU course has begun in earnest and, all being well it'll bring me 60 points closer to finishing my Honours degree. I'm praying that I'll have more success completing this course (A215 Creative Writing - YAY!) than I did with the English course earlier this year.

I was also in the right place at the right time (and that's very unusual for me!) and I was given an opportunity to join THIS course. How could I not jump at the chance? I'm so excited because today, coincidentally (or not ;-)) I had an Amazon delivery of THE WISDOM OF THE ENNEAGRAM - how about that for timing! Not only are Enneagrams a good source of adding depth to fictional characters, BUT they are also a source for spiritual growth which I'm very much in to.

So, as well as writing our Medical EVERY day (except yesterday as I was otherwise engaged with an MRI scanner), I'm studying EVERY day too. All of this is leaving me with even less time to procrastinate. Yep, you also heard that right - I've lost my crown for being Queen of Procrastination. The scary thing is that I'm not even missing it! I feel like self-discipline has finally taken hold of me - personally I blame Kate and Julie for motivating and inspiring me. (And it's Julie I also have to thank blame for the discovery of the above-mentioned Enneagrams book and technique for writing).

I hope you're all having as much fun as I am!

Bye for now,



Melissa Marsh said...

Good for you, Sue!!! That crown isn't such a bad thing to lose. ;-)

Jessica said...

So pleased for you, Sue! Things sound like they are going so well for you :)

Jess x

Stacy Dawn said...

Wow, that's awesome! Good for you!