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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

What's Going On...

I won't pretend that things haven't been too great for a while now - particularly last week when a young man lost his life in a tragic accident. It will be a while yet before those close to him will get over this loss and it's breaking my heart to see/hear what this young man's family and friends are going through. Heartfelt hugs and prayers going to everybody.

On the health-front I've also had the results back from my MRI scan. Until I have an appointment with my neurologist I won't understand exactly what they've discovered. What I do know is there's been a fair bit of myelin damage, but I guess I already knew that. It's a relief that they can now see exactly why I'm experiencing the symptoms that I have felt progressing - primarily with my vision, balance and dizziness.

It's no surprise that with everything that's been happening I'm very behind with my writing and studies. I'm trying to get back on track but progress is s-l-o-w. It's also eating into my time to visit blogs etc., for which I apologise.

Now I'm going to do something very selfish. It's likely to be a while before I can post again so I'm posting the video (that's now allowed to be embedded) of the wonderful LEE MEAD's debut single. It means I'll know where to come when I need a few minutes 'me' time.

I hope there are others who also enjoy Lee's performance as much as I do (I won't feel quite so selfish then ;-) )

Until next time, keep safe and happy reading and writing (and watching potential hero material ;-) )


Melissa Marsh said...

Hugs on the setback, Sue. But you're a fighter and I know you'll emerge from this victorious.

And thank you SO MUCH for the comment you left on the Villa in Tuscany blog about my little "open letter." It meant so much!

Jessica Raymond said...

((Sue and family and friends))

Thinking of you,

Jess x

Antoinette said...

What a guy *sigh*

Hugs to you