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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Why I'm not really here...

For the time being we've lost our wifi connection. It's made me (and the rest of the household) appreciate how blessed we all are to have it. It's not a great time for it to go kaput, not that there ever is a 'good' time, but I'm fighting another of my health blips where I have difficulty getting to the main computer.

That said, even once the wifi is replaced/repaired, I'm spending an awful lot of time sleeping right now, so I'm unlikely to be around much anyway! Since I have now made it to the office I'm going to use the opportunity to share with you one of the many reasons why I feel so blessed to have Gray in my life:

An appointment I attended yesterday was particularly hideous for me from an emotional perspective, and if truth be known, I couldn't wait to get the day over with. After dinner the long, dark evening stretched out before us. I couldn't get into writing, reading, or watching tv .

At 7.20pm Gray's face lit up and he said "Hey, do you fancy going to the cinema to see The Jane Austen Book Club?"

Now, the showing at out local cinema is at 8pm. There was no way we'd make it in time - I wasn't even dressed to go out! But, then I looked at him. I'm usually the one to make sudden and spontaneous decisions, and yet here he was not only looking inspired but confident that we could make it if we hurried. Couple this with the fact that I'd forgotten I'd even mentioned that I wanted to see this film and that I was feeling SHOCKED that not only had he listened to me but he'd REMEMBERED too. WOW!

I've never been one to look a gift horse in the mouth so I zipped up my fleece cardigan, not caring about my attire (shock, horror!), stood up and said, "You're on. Let's go!" With a few rushed instructions to the Teenagers, who for their part stood mouths agape, we flew out the door and made our getaway to the car.

We'd done it - we'd escaped! The short journey took us minutes - which is a miracle in itself, not a single traffic light turned red! - and I bounded up the two flights of stairs to the cinema. Okay, I might be exaggerating a little there, but you get the picture. We turned into an EMPTY foyer and I assumed everybody else must have gone in. That is until the guy at the till cheekily said to Gray, "There's only the two of you - make sure you behave!"

Dazed at our good fortune, we discovered that despite leaving things to the last minute, we really were the only couple there! Alas, it didn't last but we didn't care because we'd already cosied up in our favourite seats.

I've been having one of my 'duvet' days this morning but while Gray was watching a film with his Dad, I thought I'd sneak into the office and check my email. There in my Inbox was an email from Gray - with a review of the film we'd seen last night, with instructions for me to post on here if I want to. Don't ask me where he found the time to type up and send this to me because I have no idea. I usually have to beg him to contribute to this Blog...

So, that's led me to this post (that I genuinely didn't know I was going to do). I just wanted to let you all know that there'll be a review to follow soon...


Jessica Raymond said...

Aw, what a lovely evening! Glad you went for it and had such a great time :)

Jess x