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Friday, March 07, 2008

Getting Serious



I will say just ONE word (because I don't trust myself to say anything else)



Okay, calming down, you will no doubt notice a BIG difference over there

No more visual inspiration to look at, not even Lee Mead *ohh, that hurts*. However, I am reminding myself that change is GOOD.

When I started this Blog, waaay back in 2006, I was dabbling with being an aspiring writer.

In 2007 I became more serious about my writing but my health kept holding me back.

Now, in 2008 I am DEADLY serious about my writing.

Yes, I'm still an aspiring writer BUT there is one HUGE difference - I'm not on my own. I now have a writing partner who helps me through the tougher health times. Both Gray and I are already noticing the difference, my stamina is slowly increasing. I am WRITING and I am STUDYING and I am COPING. I no longer feel embarrassed to call myself a WRITER. What's more, published or not, I have never been so HAPPY!

So, back to that over there. What am I going to do?

Well, I'm going to be making this Blog more serious - to look at, if nothing else. I'm pretending that it's my choice, but in truth it's Blogger that's made me tamper with it to try to fix the problems and now? Well, now that I am a DEADLY serious writer I just don't have the time to put everything back.

The sacrifices we make in order to write!