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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Oh no...

I was reading my favourite Blog posts via Feedblitz (don't ask me why but I don't feel so guilty reading email, as opposed to Blog-hopping) - they're my first treat of the day, accompanied by a strong, hot, sweet cup of tea. Then, Gray phoned down (yes, I was actually UP and DOWNstairs!) with some awful news that I was also about to discover on Nicola Marsh's post, see HERE:

In short it concerns Patrick Swayze - yes, a former hero of mine who I posted about in 2006. The same hero who let many of his fans down by his no-show in Guys & Dolls time after time. Back then, I was angry no, furious, not just because of the money I’d spent, but the price I also paid with my health.

I’ve long since forgiven him (Gray recently bought Ghost because I’ve raved about that film forever and he’s never seen it). I don’t mind telling you I feel bad, no, AWFUL, not least because I outed my disappointment with Patrick on my Blog.

Sad to say Patrick Swayze was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer a month or so ago. BUT, with the experiences of my own health struggles, it leaves me wondering just how long he’s been feeling unwell.

I have learned a lesson, one I should have known better about, we should ALL be careful, VERY careful when judging somebody. Nobody EVER knows what he or she might be going through.

Sending heartfelt prayers to Patrick and his family at this difficult time.


Melissa Marsh said...

I heard about this new, too. So sad. But the doctor says his prognosis is good. And I have a feeling Patrick is a very positive guy and that makes all the difference in the world!