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Monday, April 28, 2008

Creative Writing

Amazing. I knew it'd been a while since I last posted here, but WOW, over a month?!

Well, fingers crossed, I'm hoping that this will be the one of the first regular posts about writing. So, where have I been? We-ell, if I told you that I'd be breaking my first new rule. Suffice to say things have been more than hectic in that thing otherwise-known-as 'real-life'. Nuff said.

On the writing front things have been just as hectic, particularly as my latest course towards my BA (Hons) degree with the OU is A215 Creative Writing. I still have one assignment left to do, and the end-of-course assessment (the equivalent of an exam), but already I can thoroughly recommend this course.

If there's one thing my studies with the Open University have done for me, it's taught me to write to deadlines. In the past, during MS relapses, I've needed to apply for an extension of a week, or as on one occasion, withdraw altogether. But four years on, something seems to have shifted within me, and for this Creative Writing course I've (so far) made all the deadlines.

As those familiar with this Blog will know, I primarily write Romance and I didn't expect to be very interested in the academic studies associated with creative writing. How wrong I was! I have thoroughly enjoyed all the assignments except the first one which involved freewriting. My problem with freewriting is that my internal editor won't switch off and I find it impossible not to rewrite as I go along. Perhaps if I'd been new to writing I'd have taken full advantage of practising this technique.

The main surprise I have learned this year is how much I've enjoyed writing poetry, and also life writing. I've found the whole course beneficial and it's opened my mind and made me braver to try lots of other writing styles and techniques that I otherwise might not have considered.