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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Update [1]

On the health front there have been many things going on with me
in addition to my usual MS symptoms. I'm still undergoing various tests to determine whether my visual problems are associated with Glaucoma. I won't know until the middle of June at the earliest. However, several weeks ago my eyes became the least of my problems.

For the first time in my life I've had the threat hanging over me of a possible blood transfusion. On top of my 'normal' chronic fatigue from the MS I became even more wiped out than usual, and close to fainting whenever I moved. I won't pretend I wasn't scared for a while. Being stubborn and loathing the necessity to see a doctor I tried to wait things out, hoping that 'this too shall pass' [King Solomon]. However, when the situation worsened still further I was left with no choice. My locum GP immediately put me on a course of iron tablets while blood tests were taken and I was left with strict instructions that if the situation progressed I must get back in touch with the surgery immediately.

The blood test results came back in a couple of days and were better than I'd hoped. I was anaemic but at that time it was only minimal. The transfusion situation had been averted. My relief, however, was short-lived when the situation worsened again. Thankfully, by this time, my own GP was back from her maternity leave (and my goodness, have I missed her!) and she immediately took action which controlled the immediate problem. The upshot of everything is I am in the progress of having a few more tests over the coming weeks but I'm no longer worried. I'm confident that, back in the hands of my wonderful GP, whatever is causing the problems, I'm in good hands.

At the same time as having these health blips, Gray and I are also in the middle of several other exciting (to us) developments. I will reveal more in a future post or three!

~ Sue ~


Jessica Raymond said...

(((Sue))) So pleased you have your own GP back and I have my fingers crossed for your test results. Also excited to hear all about your and Gray's new developments :)

Oh yes, and I've tagged you for a book thing. Sorry!

Sharon J said...

Unless you're concerned for religious reasons, a blood transfusion is nothing to get upset about. You don't even notice that it's happening. I've had a couple (last time about two months ago due to lack of potassium) and, believe me, there are far worse things. Still, it's nice to NOT have to have it done.

Glad you're feeling better anyway. I have to admit that until I became ill, I didn't realise how lucky I was to be healthy.