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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Update [2] From Gray: ALL CHANGE!

Things have been pretty busy for Sue and me in the past month or so and we’ve had to work hard to avoid getting too derailed. Along with the usual health worries and situations, we’ve had to sit back and take stock of the situation. One pressing matter was the issue of money coming in the door – there’s no way we’re giving up our writing for Mills & Boon, but we realised that it’s a long and winding route to publication. I’ve decided to change route and expand my horizons a little to encompass more than just novel writing, which is why I’ve set up my own website to offer just that. From now on, my timetable encompasses all types of writing!

The second surprise of the month was all thanks to Kate Walker, who kindly put us in touch with a lady named Julie Moggan – she’s a freelance documentary film-maker, currently putting together a film to celebrate Mills & Boons’ centenary. In a nutshell, Julie came to see us both, and we spent a very enjoyable day getting filmed and talking about our love of reading and writing together. Even if nothing comes to fruition, Sue and I still found it a great chance to get our thoughts together and refocus on our writing goals.

So the plan now is just to work, work, work. We’re facing plenty of change in the coming summer months, but hopefully things will work out for the best – and we’ll both end up all the stronger for it. Back to Word!

~ Gray ~


Jessica Raymond said...

What exciting developments! Good luck with the new writing opportunities and I can't wait to hear more about the documentary :)