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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

FINISH your manuscript!

For me, this is the first time I’ve ever had a completed manuscript to work on, and I have to say that I now understand why the best advice an aspiring writer can ever receive (and we often don’t want to hear it) is to FINISH the book.

This in itself is a major accomplishment for any writer (published or unpublished) and it feels FANTASTIC. I now feel confident enough to share my experiences with other writers who are also aspiring to publication.

No matter how long the writing process has taken you or is yet to take you (and I’ve also learned that there are no hard and fast rules) it’s still a BIG MASSIVE achievement when you can finally sit back and say (with a relieved sigh!), that yes, you’ve done it. You’ve finally WRITTEN a book!!

You’re probably already aware that the path of writing hasn’t been a smooth one for me. While I’ve been writing on and off forever, I never took myself or my ambitions as a writer seriously until 2006.

I can now look back and realise that this was definitely my first turning point. I did something I’d never done openly before - I acknowledged (to myself as well as others) that I AM a writer – and a ROMANCE writer, no less! And, to be honest, from that very moment I’ve never stopped being a writer.

I have many moments when I’m assuaged with insecurities but I now understand that pretty much every writer goes through this – although not everyone (thank God) is as sensitive as me - and I’m not unique with my struggles. I think there’s something about wanting to believe (as an ‘aspiring’ writer in the midst of these struggles) that things WILL get easier – one day. But sadly I am realising that this will never happen (sorry guys). The very essence of being a writer is struggling with these insecurities for a large part of the time.

That’s when you know you are indeed a WRITER.