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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Story of an ASPIRING romance writer

I’m going to start Blogging posts about WRITING which is what, all those years ago, I always planned to do (however infrequently).

But first…


…let me start with one of my gripes.

If you are a writer who hasn’t (yet) been published, does this make you a ‘wanna-be’ writer, or a ‘would-be’ writer?

One thing I’ve acknowledged of late is that I’m a sensitive kind of girl. I don’t like the term ‘wanna-be’ in any field (unless, of course, it’s for the new era of kids who only ‘wanna’ grow up to be famous). I mean, before I had my children (only example I can think of at this time) did that make me a ‘wanna-be’ Mother? Did my aspirations make me a lesser person than somebody who already was a mother? No, of course not. But I digress.

I personally think that if somebody has a passion for something (be it writing, painting, music or whatever,) and they spend their life wanting, yearning, working towards their goal then they ARE a… (writer/artist/musician – you fill the blank). I can’t help but feel that the term ‘wanna-be’ or ‘would-be’ conjure up a negative image and somehow undermine (in this case) the writer who has been working darned hard (often for years), and aspires to be published. So, for this reason, from this point forward I’m out I’ll never use these terms out of respect for fellow ‘aspiring to be published’ writers. ‘Aspiring’ sounds so much nicer, don’t you think?

Published or not, you/we ARE writers! Glad I’ve cleared this up – no offence intended :-).

You may have noticed that I’ve also (finally) discovered that this is MY Blog, so I can say what I like, can’t I? Oh my goodness, I’ve spent far too much time with my teenagers (rebellious…who, MOI?)!