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Friday, November 14, 2008

Sharpe's Peril

Sharpe’s Peril (2008)

Genre: Historical/Adventure

Stars: Sean Bean, Daragh O’Malley, Amit Behl, Beatrice Rosen, Michael Cochrane, Steve Speirs, Velibor Topic

The “Plot”

Sharpe and Harper run foul of an opium smuggler in India and must devise a way to beat him.

The Real Story

Sharpe’s Peril follows on from Sharpe’s Challenge. Sharpe and Harper are still trying to find their way out of India, although they keep getting sidetracked. They join up with some soldiers currently escorting a prisoner cross-country, and they soon find themselves caught up in conflict after running foul of an opium smuggler. Action, ranging from swordfights to gun battles and a siege, soon follow. Sharpe’s Peril was broadcast in two separate episodes. The first sets up the action, and is quite talky and heavy on the explanation. The second half is pure action and thoroughly engaging.

The two episodes combine to make this one of the best Sharpe adventures yet. Sean Bean has never been better, here playing a grizzled Colonel who’s seen too much of warfare and just wants to be out of it all. Daragh O’Malley brings a deft comic touch as Harper, while the other, new cast members are superb. Amit Behl turns what could have been a caricature into an affecting portrayal of a wronged man who retains his dignity, while Velibor Topic is a hateful villain. Beatrice Rosen is a particularly appealing love interest, and gets to show greater depth than most. Kudos also to a returning Michael Cochrane, who looks to be having a ball.

With spectacular Indian locations, some excellent stuntwork, colourful costumes, a cast of actors and actresses prepared to give it their all and plenty of emotion to go along with the action, Sharpe’s Peril is the best that television has to offer. A splendid outing that doesn’t suffer in any way from not being based on one of the Bernard Cornwell novels.

Review written by Gray