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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

When you can be too patient

There are many times when I can be very impatient. For instance, when I want something I want it now (note to Gray, as in the Christmas wrapping paper that's hidden somewhere precarious...). I don't like waiting (unless of course it's to finish the h-u-g-e pile of ironing that never seems to go down, even though the kids aren't around anymore :-/).

There are times however, when I have patience in abundance. Like when I finally submitted my manuscript. Now, this never used to be the case - in the old days I used to sit around waiting for the postman for a sign of my stamped addressed postcard acknowledging the safe receipt of my manuscript. Nowadays, of course, (:^P) I'm so busy with other writing projects that I barely notice...(okay, that might be a teeny little fib). I do notice a little bit. BUT, it's only for a second before I get on with my other writing projects.

These past weeks I have learnt the hard way, that you CAN be too patient - even when submitting your manuscript to M&B. Mills & Boon are so helpful to their aspiring yet-to-be published writers that they ALWAYS take the time to acknowledge each submission no matter how inundated they are.

If weeks go by (as they did in my case) and you haven't received an acknowledgement and/or reference no. it's very likely that your manuscript hasn't been received. It took me ages before I contacted M&B to ask if they'd received my ms. I was too scared to bother them knowing how busy they are. It turned out that they never received it and I was asked to email it to them again - which I did. Only I never learnt my lesson - weeks later I still hadn't received confirmation - but did I contact them again? No! I was still too scared believing it was pestering them and their silence was merely a sign of how busy they all were.

WRONG! Once again, filled with a moment's courage, I pushed send on an email to ask the dreaded question...and a reply immediately came back telling me they still never received it. The upshot is that I emailed my manuscript a third time and yesterday finally received the magical letter confirming their receipt of my manuscript with a reference no..!

The moral to this story is (and there sort of is one - for me anyway) I could have saved myself weeks and weeks of waiting - and if I had I might have been halfway through 'the' real wait by now, IF I hadn't let the fear freeze me.

I'm now, once again, HAPPY to be patient. Yes, now the waiting REALLY begins, but that's okay because at least I KNOW my manuscript is sitting on an editor's desk.

How patient/impatient are you?


Anonymous said...

Good luck my friend, will be keeping my fingers crossed for you ;p xxx <3