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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

At the Beginning...again.

That's where Gray and I are with our new contemporary romance. Deep in revisions of our last medical romance (Beth & Josh's story) I couldn't wait to see the back of it. Now I yearn for the comfort of being back within those familiar pages because I knew exactly where I was going with it. It felt safe and secure and that's a nice feeling.

So, I've spent the last couple of weeks 'brewing' on what to do next. At first I felt excited. I'd finally put the finishing touches to a manuscript that I'd been writing/working on for the past fifteen months. Yep, that's over a year. That's a long time to live with a story, both plot-wise and character-wise.

It's only now that I've completed a manuscript that I truly understand what an author friend means when she tells me how she always feels sad to say goodbye to her characters when she's finished their story. It's hard to leave those characters behind and move on to the next. I can no longer let them interrupt 'that' part of my brain that's always listening for their feelings and actions.

Well, my mind has been hunting around like a lost soul ever since. Truth is I didn't have a clue what I wanted to work on next - after all, there's no guarantee that M&B will even request a full of the medical. In which case, would that mean that my/our voice is wrong for that series? Perhaps we should go back to my unfinished Romance (that was 2007's contribution to the RNA's NWS) or perhaps return to our, as yet unfinished, Presents entry? And so my questions continued.

Eventually I decided that the only way to stop my procrastination about what to do next was to start a brand-new, shiny story - plots, characters and everything. BUT, there's a teeny, tiny problem with this when you aren't writing solo. You need the co-operation of your writing partner (aka Gray) who you've forgotten to consult before making *your* decision. Having memory loss doesn't cut it.

A few days later...

Gray has come across my old memory stick (note to self: stop losing things!) and he discovered that back in 2006 I'd written over 30k on my own (aka without any collaboration) of a medical manuscript. He couldn't believe it, and neither could I (yes, my memory is that bad). I'd even incorporated tonnes of relevant research. That was when I remembered a little (well, I still have all the receipts to prove how much I'd spent on that research, so I could hardly forget forever, could I?). 2006 was when my own health situation became harder and suddenly all things medical became too much for me to handle in my writing as well. The fact that my manuscript had also entered the 'sagging middle' stage hadn't helped, so that's why Gray found 30k and not 50k of that effort.

Another day later...

Imagine my surprise when Gray overrules *my* decision and insists that it would be criminal to waste all the work I did back in 2006, and the only solution is to rework it for our next work-in-progress...

Present day aka NOW...

The debate was interesting, and Gray's powers-of-persuasion are second to none...so...


Matt and Kate are back!
(aka Clive Owen & Melissa George)