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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Mills and Boon has launched a protest

against a sign which Virgin Rail installed at a Cheshire railway station this week.

A Virgin spokesman commented: "If people wish to spend a little more time with their loved ones before they leave, then they should park in the short-stay car park nearby".

"It's our right to kiss where we like," say Mills & Boon on the protest group's Facebook site. “Romantic embraces and passionate kisses are a vital part of life and should never be discouraged. We don't believe that you should restrict passion to certain times or areas. Lovers should be free to express their feelings whenever the mood takes them.”

If you're annoyed by the breach of our fundamental right to kiss in public, please download the posters, join the twitter activists and upload photos of you kissing at stations here and on our Flickr group. Join our fight and kiss goodbye to no kissing.

Join M&B's protest by joining their Facebook group here and follow them on Twitter.