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Friday, March 27, 2009

Not Change per se, but a NEW direction

So, refresh your memory with this post (no surprise that I needed to refresh mine). Gray and I truly believed we'd made the final decision about our next w-i-p - which was to develop and finish my medical attempt from 2006.

The strange thing was, that although we love our hero/heroine inspirations (aka Clive Owen and Melissa George), they weren't 'speaking' to us like they should have been. We always thought that Kate was a midwife but we couldn't decide what type (community, hospital...) or whether Matt was a Consultant Obstetrician/Gynaecologist/Surgeon etc. Our doubts grew and neither of us could move forward with our research.

Still no further forward a few week's later, the Big R arrived from Mills and Boon on the first medical (Beth & Josh's story) *cue disapointment and determination*. We both gave each other a proverbial kick up the backside and sat down to thrash out our problems with the next w-i-p.

I had a sinking feeling when I realised that the stale-mate I hit with this manuscript back in 2006 was still screaming at me. I didn't want to let Gray down (especially as, back in 2007 when he first came onboard, he didn't want to write any contemporaries other than Medicals).

I looked over at Gray only to catch him looking at me with an uncomfortable expression on his face. He looked like he wanted to say something but kept biting it back. I *knew* that look and eventually dragged the words out of him (not as painful as it sounds, honest!):

Me: 'C'mom, talk to me. Tell me what you're thinking.'
Gray looked away, pulling his gaze away from mine.

Me: 'Tell me.'
Gray took a deep breath. 'I think I know why this isn't working and why it won't ever work.'
My heart plummeted, thinking the worst; Gray wants to stop working with me.
Gray: 'Dont be mad at me but-'

I swallowed down my panic.

Me: 'Tell me.'

Gray: 'I can't write medicals anymore and I don't want to waste time trying.'

Me: 'Huh?'
Gray: 'The research. We can't do it. We don't know enough about it and neither of us are confident.'

I let out the breath I hadn't realised I was holding.
Me: 'So, what are you saying, that I'm on my own with my writing?'

Gray: 'No, but I don't think we should be writing medicals.'

*Pregnant Pause*

Without another word, we suddenly realised we were on the same page. We 'got' each other in that very moment.

The best news (for both of us) is that Matt & Kate are still getting their story. (Yayy!)

The difference:
Different Professions. Different Conflicts. Different Sub-genre.

We're writing Romance!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sue and Gray, I am sorry to see that you've moved away from my personal love - Medical Romance - but I am happy to know that you've put a lot of thought into your next move and that Romance is the way of your hearts. I feel so honored to get to know you a little bit Sue, and I hope to continue to keep contact.

BTW, you won my book at the last Love is the Best Medicine blog, so if you want the book, please contact me!

Lynne Marshall

April said...

I am so glad to hear you discovered you're on the same page! While switching gears can be painful, it's amazing how liberating it can be when you finally give yourself permission to do so!

Antoinette said...

I'm not into medical romance at all, so I can only say: YAY! There's still hope that I will actually hold your book in my hands one day... :D
Good luck!