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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sunshine Saturday?

I didn't hang any washing out yesterday and probably won't today either, so it's bound to stay sunny. :) I hope it does anyway because we're planning to attend a village fete this afternoon and I don't want to go in wellies.

I finished polishing Chapter One yesterday and I'm just waiting on Gray to proof it for me. Yay!

I also finally made it to the mobile library yesterday. Gray went ahead of me because I couldn't find my library card and I needed to renew the book I'm still reading from their last visit (Louise Allen's Historical, The Society Catch). It's the first Regency I've read in ages and I'm enjoying it. I was running so behind (with Gray's words in my ears reminding me that I've also lost my Reader - like I don't feel bad enough!) that I eventually gave up looking for the card and somehow managed a brisk walk to catch the van in time. Luckily ours is a quiet village so hopefully nobody saw the mad woman dashing down the road with a stick! Although mad wasn't the word for it when I climbed the steps to discover that Gray had already renewed my book WITH MY LIBRARY CARD that he'd had ALL ALONG! Thankfully, after calming down (from the power walk I'd had, not from my annoyance with Gray), I discovered another two books that I've been wanting to read: Carole Matthews It's A Kind of Magic and Katie Fforde's Paradise Fields.

Gray apologised and made his peace by shifting the rest of the lounge around (in the hope that my Reader comes to light in the process, although I'm now wondering whether its disappearance could be connected with Gray somehow - perhaps he moved it and forgot where he put it...?). The lounge is now looking fab and so much bigger, but the sad news is that there's still no sign of the Reader.

Today's To-Do List includes:

  1. *Final* read-through of synopsis and first chapter.
  2. Email #1 to RNA for fwd to M&B Editor.
  3. Continue writing/editing chapter seven
  4. Arrive in time to village fete
  5. More writing if we're back early-ish.
  6. My turn to cook dinner.
  7. RELAX, possibly with DVD.