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Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Too often plans have to be changed because of the curve balls that life throws at us. These changes are frequently viewed as annoying. However, sometimes unpredictabilty can be a good thing, and yesterday was one such day for me.

Mid-morning I journeyed to my favourite local library with my Personal Assistants Gray and dd (who carried my essential writer's tool-kit of laptop, wip outline, and other necessary equipment like a bottle of water) and I spent over two hours WRITING uninterrupted (imagine that!)! My laptop battery also did me proud because when I'd finished it still had another 15-20 mins left. It's also a lovely surprise to discover that I can actually get into the zone of my wip in a public place, and it's my intention to make it a habit.

My hubby then took my other PA and myself to lunch at a new-to-us venue (conveniently situated across the road to my 'office'), which will make another wonderful base for when I've finished a hard morning's 'work'. Also, there's a very special bench in the courtyard outside my 'office' where I can also treat myself to relaxing with a book when I need a well-earned rest in the sunshine. Perfect.

I didn't expect anything else good to happen on an already brilliant day, but then my FABULOUS PA walked downstairs with a surprise. In her hand was my beautiful Sony Reader!!!! There's a long story about how and where it was found, suffice to say I'm currently the happiest person in this universe!

Today is going to be a very busy non-writerly day, but after the fab day I had yesterday, I'm good with that. :)
  1. Early GP appointment
  2. Regular health appointment
  3. Arrive home in time for Asda delivery
  4. I'd love to have energy left to make a start on Chapter 8.