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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wednesday's Plans

Hardly slept (again) because disappearance of Reader is driving me insane. But things to do and people to see.

  1. Worm dogs
Rocky (white long-haired Chi) was a good boy and ate tablet hidden in food. Rambo on the other hand (brown short-haired Chi) ate food and left tablet on first attempt - and he's usually the good one who gulps everything down straight away (including fingers!).
2. Read through/edit/polish Chapter One (still ongoing)

3. Health Appointment

4. Read through/edit/polish Synopsis (still ongoing)

5. Cinema to see 'Terminator: Salvation'
(afternoon showing to avoid school kids, fingers crossed) Christian Bale so it's obviously essential research (okay, for next story but one, not current wip)
6. Last read through of Synopsis and Chapter One (not ready)

7. Email above to be forwarded to M&B editor
(not ready)
Note: Feel the fear and do it anyway. *GULP*