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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Writing Day?

Thankfully, Gray's neck is recovering albeit slowly. I've banned him from doing anything strenuous (especially the Wii tennis) until he's fully recovered.

I managed to do my meagre 10 mins on the Wii Fit and I was pleased to see that I haven't increased in weight since yesterday but neither have I decreased. That's fine with me because I'm aiming for a realistic goal(which makes a change) of losing 3lbs in the next two weeks, so no need for panic yet. Oh, and I'm still eating! My main focus is on improving my balance, which should make loads of difference with the ms-sy stuff too.

I spent yesterday doing everything but write. So today my plans are to make up for it, especially as tomorrow I have a morning full of health appointments.

  1. Finish Chapter Seven
  2. Begin edit & revision of Chapter Eight
Hopefully, it'll be a writing day. Woo-hoo!