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Sunday, July 05, 2009

Bathtime for the Boys

Earlier last week we decided it was bath time for Rocky and Rambo.

This isn't something that happens very often (as you can probably tell by the look of rapture on their faces) but it was a case of needs must and all that. Who would've thought that it'd take three of us to bath two little chihuahas!

First up was Rocky. Now, they're both loving pooches but Rocky is the master of the sloppy kisses and hugs. In fact, he's a bit of a trollop because he'll be affectionate to anyone. Not good if the front gate's ever left open I can tell you. Rocky's also the adventurous one and always on the look-out for whatever mischief he can get up to next.

Thankfully, for this bathtime we were prepared! All went swimmingly and even Rambo found his brother an intriguing spectacle. Until, that is, it was his turn. What can I tell you about Rambo?

We-ell, he's the baby! He cries at everything and has always been very timid and fearful of everything. Yet perversely he's always been the 'grown-up' pooch.

Whenever Rocky has his mad five minutes (which is at least once every day) Rambo is rarely impressed. Especially when Rocky tries to get him to join in and resorts to nipping Rambo's hind legs whenever he passes him on the circuit!

We know Rocky's mad dash is over when he runs out of steam and spends the next five minutes making things up to Rambo by licking his ear.

All in all bathtime was successful. Yes, we all ended up wet but that's half the fun, isn't it? Rambo didn't even try to jump out once he'd been plonked in. He did however grumble and mutter the whole time, although that's no different to his usual everyday grumpy old mad impression.

Both our chi's have such distinctive personalities and it's always such a joy to watch them interact together.


gaelikaa said...

If I ever have to bath a dog (which isn't too often) I just use the hose and stand far away....

Susan Rix said...

Ooh, that's a great idea. However if anyone around here is let loose with a hose it won't be the dogs that'd get wet! Could be fun though...xx