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Monday, July 06, 2009

Exciting week ahead preparing for the RNA Conference.

I wasn't planning to blog today but I'm sure that some of you know by now what happens when I try *not* to do something...

This is THE week:

  • to finish current book - and as often seems to happen at this stage, my head is already in the zone for the next. I really need to find the self-discipline to keep Arianne & Kal out of my head. There'll be plenty of time for them soon.
  • to conserve as much energy as possible - this week is MEGA for both Gray and I. We're both excited and nervous in equal measure, but Gray more so. He's not only doing the driving, but needs to be mentally prepared to sit his first year's exam for his journalist course next Monday!
  • not to get too excited too soon. I know that this forthcoming weekend (including the editor's appointment) will be gone in a flash, so I can't tire myself out before we arrive. But it's sooo hard because I can't wait to meet everybody!
Incidentally, if anyone's interested in the comings and goings at the conference, there are a few peeps who're planning to tweet it (#RNA).

I'll catch up again next week (when I've recovered from the excitement).

Have a fab week!