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Monday, July 13, 2009

Magic Monday

Where to start?

  • This time last week I came down with a flu-type virus and I was almost paralysed by fear thinking that I'd be unable to go to the RNA conference.
  • By the grace of God I was shaky but loads better by Thursday.
  • By Friday morning I was consumed with relief to be leaving for the three hour car journey to Penrith.
  • Had a lovely appointment with a Mills & Boon editor.
  • The rest of the weekend passed by in a whirl of busy-ness.
Which brings me to today:


Why magic? Because:
  • I'm absolutely shattered in addition t0 'normal' chronic fatigue, yet (and this is the magic bit) I couldn't stay in bed.
  • My brain is still busy unravelling the weekend's experience.
  • Any minute I'll wake-up to discover it's all been a magical dream!
When I get round to putting away the unpacking - probably during the next few days, I'll endeavour to assimilate the notes for future blog posts.

I just want to end this by saying a HUGE THANK YOU to my real-life hero for enabling yet another of my dreams to magically come true.


Judy Jarvie said...

Sue, it was so wonderful to meet you and Gray and I'm just gutted I didn't get more chance to talk to you. The pace was fast and furious but so motivational the buzz goes on and on.
Remember if you ever need to chat/whine/rant or just exchange bad jokes to relieve the monotony, I'm always game!
P.S. Loved your ebook reader
P.P.S. What a guy Gray is-hero all the way