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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Looking forward

Firstly, many thanks to everybody for all the hugs and support. I've learned so much these past weeks and I've been relieved to discover that I do have the coping mechanisms to get through a dreaded R without steroids. I feel a little more in control of an uncontrollable situation, if you know what I mean?

I'm not completely out of the woods but there's plenty of sunshine peeping through the branches to remind myself that I will be soon. :)

We have an exciting week ahead: My dd is flying the nest [for real this time]. I'm very excited for her because she is moving somewhere beautiful and peaceful and she'll finally be able to focus on her studies without any interruptions (namely from those who are at university for the 'good' times and not the study).

Gray will have finished his NWS submission in six days. I'll be so relieved and happy for him. He prioritised helping me get mine finished, printed and sent off, and without him I'd never have done it. I'm really proud that despite difficult times he's still made his daily word count.

Gray and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary this week. The 'real' celebrations will come later in September when he whisks me away for a gorgeous weekend somewhere I've always wanted to visit. More will be revealed later next month.

I'm hoping that another week and I'll be back to blogging regularly. Incidentally, what do you think of my new backgrounds on here, the review blog and twitter?