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Monday, September 14, 2009

A Brief Note

Firstly, many thanks to everybody who's sent me best wishes both in 'real' life and the virtual world. I can't even begin to tell you how much it means to me.

Unfortunately, I'm not back to every day life yet, and I'm unlikely to be for a while. To think that I tried to kid myself that this isn't one of 'those' relapses and, by comparison with previous experiences, it's only a mild one. Ha! Famous last words.

A relapse it is. Mild it is not.

I've now reached the stage where I Don't Want To Talk About It. No, that doesn't mean I'm going into denial mode. Nor does it mean I'm going to pretend that I'm well - I don't have the energy to maintain the falseness. But what it does mean is:
  • I'm going to stop making excuses/feeling guilty/apologising for my lack of health.
  • I'm going to enjoy the simple things in life (reading, watching tv, napping as often as I need)
  • I'm going to refill the well - spiritually, mentally and physically
  • I'm going to conquer the 'worry' gene
So, that's where I'm at. Thank you for visiting my blog and for caring. My Blog posts are always likely to be unpredictable because that's the essence of my real life.

Bye for now.



mike deegan said...


gaelikaa said...

You're great. Just getting on with it. Love & prayers.

Nell Dixon said...

Sending you lots of hugs and feel better soon vibes.

Allie said...

You're doing exactly the right thing - hope you feel better soon. lots and lots of love Allie xxxx

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you have the positive energy to go forward with your head high. Bravo! Love to you both, Nina

Bola said...

Hope you get well soon.Not easy being under the weather. Love!


Come back soon so i can borrow some of your m&b ebooks if you're willing.


Glynis said...

My friend Susan is going through the same as you at the moment. I feel for you and love that you are so positive.