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Monday, September 14, 2009

Danielle Steel

Mirror Image Mirror Image by Danielle Steel

Back in the early 90s I couldn't get enough of Danielle Steel's novels. It was also the time when I submitted my first manuscripts dreaming of publication. I remember vividly having a plot for a new manuscript featuring Vietnam...I researched, I began making notes, and then Danielle Steel released her new novel...based in/around Vietnam! I felt deflated and from that moment I could never bring myself to read another Danielle Steel.

I now look back on that time with amusement. I've come a very long way since the 90s and as I'm currently going through my latest relapse (in the journey that is multiple sclerosis), I felt a yearning to pick up a Danielle Steel book and remind myself how much I once loved her books.

I'm halfway through Mirror Image and I'm enjoying the story. As I'm reading I'm seeing the difference between a writer and a storyteller. I can learn a lot from this highly successful author. I'm going to endeavour to STOP worrying needlessly about every word I write, whether it's following the 'rules', and I'm going to focus on TELLING the story (well, more showing than telling ;-).

Danielle Steel is a FAB storyteller. Her characters are three dimensional, and the plots are never predictable. What I admire most about Danielle Steel is the way she ups the conflicts that little bit more which keeps the reader turning the pages.

I'm thrilled to have rediscovered Danielle Steel's books and I'm excited about learning how to keep my future plots bubbling.