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Thursday, October 22, 2009

On my way back...

...but not knowing where to start!

I've not done any writing for far too long and I'm looking forward to getting back into everything. The question I've not known the answer to until recently is what manuscript I'll be turning my attention to when I get back to writing. Before the hiatus I'd planned to put my NWS/M&B manuscript to one side and work on another w-i-p. That's now changed.

Gray and I have decided that we're ready to launch into another rewrite of Matt & Kate's story. I guess that the time away from them has put enough distance between us and we'll be able to return with fresh eyes. This means that Arianne & Kal's story is returning to the back burner.

Gray's still waiting for his critique from the NWS on Sam & Katherine's story and he's currently researching the next period he's going to be writing about. It's an exciting time because he now knows which historical period he's going to focus on in his future books, but I'll leave him to speak about this when he's ready.

I received an AMAZING critique from the NWS on the contemporary book, and I'm hoping to share it with you in a future post (or two).

During my hiatus I've read some FANTASTIC books by new-to-me authors and one in particular who has re-ignited my own passion for historicals, although I have to say it's an era I didn't know I was interested in - 12th Century England. Elizabeth Chadwick now joins my other fave historical authors (Carol Townend, Nicola Cornick, Philippa Gregory...)

I believe that I am proof that books that are picked up cheaply in charity shops do lead to future purchases - Elizabeth Chadwick's Shadows and Strongholds was one such 'charity' buy for me and this morning I received a delivery from Play.com of a brand spanking new copy of Lords of the White Castle which I'm very much looking forward to reading. Thanks also go to Elizabeth Chadwick for reminding me how much I love reading historicals and I'm now catching up with Nicola Cornick and Carol Townend's books that I already own but have yet to read.

Well, this 'dipping my toe back into the water' post is becoming quite long so I'll finish here.

It's great to be back!