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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

The Next Step

What I'm currently working on for Kate & Matt's story:
  • Ensuring that the plot is (and remains) character driven.
  • Decide what's going to happen to push Kate & Matt together.
  • Plan how I'm going to go even DEEPER into the emotional conflict.
A real light bulb moment for me is realising that going deeper into the emotional conflict is that elusive EMOTIONAL PUNCH that M&B require.

Finally!!! My very first rejections from M&B (many moons ago) told me that my stories lacked emotional punch. It's taken me forever to understand what that meant. Even though I've come a very long way from those cringeworthy first efforts, I still never really 'got' it.

Until now.

(image courtesy of  geopolicraticus.wordpress.com/.../)


So there we have it. That elusive, mysterious ingredient.

To think that I thought discovering it was the hard part (well, it took me long enough, didn't it!). I was wrong. The hard bit has now arrived...PUTTING THE BLOOMING INGREDIENT INTO PRACTICE!

Anyone got a spade I can borrow?



Saskia Walker said...

One of the first editors I worked with told me that one day it would all click into place. It really does. Hang in there!! You've had superb feedback, you're nearly there. Just keep writing.

Susan Rix said...

Thanks, Saskia!

It feels amazing when something suddenly clicks. I'm being greedy and hoping it'll happen more often...:)