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Saturday, January 02, 2010

My first post of 2010

Oh my...where did 2009 go?!

For me, last year was a strange one:
  1. I enjoyed summer early [sunbathing & reading in garden] in March/April.
  2. Graham and I attended our first RNA conference in Penrith [July].
  3. Then, the middle to latter part of the year I was besieged with the MS rearing its ugly head [July-Oct].
  4. No sooner had I began to achieve an almost normal-to-me time [November] further stresses began to unfold finally resulting in my Mum's 'probable' cancer diagnosis two days before Christmas.

And now here we are in 2010!

I won't say I'm saddened to see 2009 behind us and I'm beginning this New Year full of hope and positivity.

  • I pray for the good health of our families; 
  • work prospects for my teenage son and security for both him and his lovely girlfriend. 
  • I pray for the continued success for my daughter in her current East Asian studies;
  • for some writerly success for both Graham and myself and all of our writerly friends. 
  • And most of all I pray to be given the strength to be a blessing to all my loved ones in whatever circumstances 2010 throws our way.

Wishing each and every one of you a blessed and peaceful 2010!


Lizze L said...

Hi to you both and happy 2010. Just posted my membership to the RNA for another year as a wannabe. But I'm going to crack it one of these days. Just writing a 1000 word short story for a competition. Not very good at them but it'll get me going again after the Christmas break. Good health and success to you both and hope that you can make it to one of the RNA chapter meetings one of these days. Love Lizzie xxx