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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

This week's goals:

As I promised myself this is a Back To Normal 'working' week [read: writing]  and it feels sooo good.

  • Monday: Reaquaint myself with the NWS Reader's Critique. 

  • Tuesday: Thoroughly get to know Kate all over again. Become her best mate. 
  • Mustn't forget to attend regular late morning appointment.
  • Book review:

    The Runaway by Martina Cole posted here.

  • Wednesday: Hopefully finishing the 'getting to know Kate'.
  • Phone call to find out how my mum's hospital appt went...could have been worse but still not good - a long journey ahead
  • Thursday: Time to get to know Matt all over again. [such a hardship ;=)]
  • FridayRe-establish where both Kate & Matt are in their respective lives ready for their first introduction to each other. [Read fireworks]  
  • Change of plan: Dig deeper into understanding Matt's backstory with his family and deceased wife.