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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

I awoke this morning to breakfast in bed, along with a Valentine's card courtesy of my wonderful hubby. I was both thrilled and surprised not least because I haven't made it out of the house in a couple of weeks and wasn't expecting anything.

Gray knew he wouldn't be receiving a card from me, but we're both fine about not needing to heed convention these days, whether it's Valentines, Birthdays or Christmas. We've now been together seven years this October, married for five come August and are both secure with our love for each other.

But I digress. I'm posting here today because I want to share the words on my surprise card from my hubby and alter them slightly to address them back to him - because they emcompass everything I feel too:

for My lovely Wife Husband

You're special in so many ways,
my perfect Valentine...
I really love our married life
and I'm so glad you're mine...
You're everything I've wanted,
you're all my dreams-come-true...
I've never been so happy
since I lost my heart to you!
Happy Valentine's Day

How lucky am I?!!

Wishing you all a great day... 


Antoinette said...

Aww - you're very lucky!

Susan Rix said...

Thanks, Antoinette! :=D xx