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Monday, February 08, 2010

So, how did last week go?

To be truthful, last week passed in a blur of chronic fatigue [courtesy of the MS, of course]. However, I look back on my achievements and I'm gob-smacked thrilled to bits with what I achieved. Namely:

'Work' related:
    • Revisions on w-i-p: Three and a half scenes completed  :=D
    • Editing/Proof reading for hubby  :=)
    • Posted book review  :=)
    • Shared link to great Blog post  :=) 
    Health & Fitness related :
    • No wii-fit+ for me this week
    • Overall, (with another -1lb lost over weekend) I lost a total of -3 to -4 lbs  :=D
    • Managed to drive a two hour round-trip to my regular appointment [with hubby by my side]  :=D
    • Chronic fatigue all week with visual disturbance and extreme dizziness during weekend. However, I rested as and when I needed to, without guilt-trip  :-)

    How was last week for you?