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Monday, February 01, 2010

Week Commencing 1st February 2010

If there's one thing that life has taught me since I've been blogging and living the 'writerly' life [2006] it's that Real-Life doesn't ever stop getting in the way of our writing goals - or any other challenges we set ourselves.  

Last week's blog post reminded me how much I love making lists and ticking things off as I achieve them. I think this is also a sign that I'm accepting my Real-Life limitations [MS] and becoming happier with focusing on the small things that I CAN achieve [as opposed to feeling cr*p about the ones I can't].  I've decided that I'd like to continue with last week's blog format, more for my own reference than anything else. I especially like to feel 'visible' in the blogosphere even when I can't be as active as I'd like.

So, with this in mind, I'm aiming to begin the weeks with a Blog post outlining my plans/personal goals and small achievements. I intend to update this post throughout the week so, even though there won't be a 'new' post the original will often be updated to reflect Real-Life circumstances and what I've been able [or not!] to achieve.


  Monday: I can't wait to finally begin the revisions/rewrites of Kate & Matt's story. I spent time with them every day last week and understand more about them now than I ever have. 
  • Writing: Begin the first scene. I've made a good start. :=) Very tempted to continue revising but being sensible and stopping.
  • Healthwise: quite fatigued, but yayy I've achieved some 'work'. 
  • Wii-Fit  weigh-in: -1lb slow but steady weight loss :=)
    • Writing: [tbc] 
    • Regular weekly appointment.
    Today's writing plans went AWOL, although I did manage to proofread/edit for Graham, so I guess that's something. Ohh and I managed to drive both there and back from my appointment (50 mins each way) which has kinda wiped me out for writing this afternoon. Oh well, tis another day tomorrow :=)

    • Writing:  Made a good start on the second scene. :=). Tempted to continue and try to finish scene but not chancing it. At least I'll know where I'm going with it when I resume tomorrow.

      • Healthwise: Despite an early night still feeling sleepy and fatigued. But that's okay now because I've managed some writing. 

      • Wii-Fit  weigh-in: +1lb Not too disappointed because it often fluctuates. Plus I'm taking a few 'vital oil', supplements which is worth 270 calories before I even begin the day! This I don't mind because hopefully I've discovered something that'll help my MS symptoms.:=)
      Wow! I have to say that I've surprised myself. I had a not-so-good night and had allowed myself the option of not writing this morning. Yet here I am, still early enough to be called 'morning' , and scene two completed! Admittedly it was less than 400 words, but they were 400 'new' words as the end of this scene needed rewriting and juggling to fit the previous revisions. Yep, I'm one happy chappess! :=) 
      • Writing: Finish scene two.
        I'd like to share with you a blog post from Little Black Dress author, Allie Spencer. I read it earlier when my mind was set to allowing myself not to write this morning. I think it was Allie's post that inspired me to get back to my original goal of finishing my scene. The post is titled 'Funny You Should Write That - Part One' and includes some pure gold nuggets to any writer wanting (or hoping) to inject some humour into their work. Highly recommended.

        I also have a book review posted on my other blog: 

        Until It's Over by Nicci French which you can read here.

        • Writing: Scene Three I'm pleased with the words I've written today. One particular paragraph took an age before I was satisfied with it, but I have to say I'm loving the revising and rewriting. It didn't feel like I'd written much today so I'm pleased to see the word counter increase by 1%. :=) 
        •  Healthwise: Getting a bit peeved with the level of dizziness that's gradually increased. My vision isn't too great either. Not sure whether it's the dizziness making my vision worse or the vision creating extra dizziness. :=/ Surprisingly enough, since 'working' for a bit I don't feel quite as bad.
        • Wii-Fit  weigh-in: Lost -2lb to -3lb making an overall loss this week of -2lb :=) I'd planned to add wii fit exercise into the mix by Feb but dizziness/vision/fatigue has other plans.


          Saskia Walker said...

          I'm cheering you on!

          Susan Rix said...

          Thanks, Saskia! :=)

          Antoinette said...

          Yes, I'm a list-maker too, the only depressing thing about lists is when you have nothing to tick off by the end of the week :p
          Great job so far, good luck with the future lists xx

          Susan Rix said...

          Thanks, Saskia! :)

          Thanks, Antoinette! Hope you're well? Have you heard about the new musical role Lee's doing in the West End from May?