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Monday, February 08, 2010

Week Commencing 8th February 2010


  •  I didn't work on the w-i-p this morning but in my defence I did my dutiful wife impression and kept hubby supplied with drinks and peace & quiet while he sat his LSJ exam.
  • Wrote and posted blog post [which you can see below].

  • Spent far too much time faffing around trying to find a way to add emotes to  blog posts. This involved downloading a 'Greasemonkey'  add-on to my Firefox browser which should have done the trick. However, me being me, I'm yet to work out where to find the blooming thing. *Sigh*. If anybody has any tips on how to add emotes please leave me a comment/tweet/email and I'll be eternally grateful!
  • Wii Fit weigh in +1lb - must be normal weight fluctuation 'cause it can't be overeating as I was better than usual yesterday.

  • Have usual weekly appointment to go to this morning but vision/eyes not great...add that to chronic fatigue and I'm not sure whether I'm going to make it this week...Nope had to cancel. Thought at the last minue I'd push myself harder to go but heavy snow shower took the decision away.
  • Hope to crack on with Scene 3 at some point today. Yep, surprising increase of the word counter by another 1%. Also spent time understanding Kate's motives for being where she is in this part of the story. The deeper I'm getting into the edits/revisions the more I'm falling in love all over again with the story. Yay :-D.


  • Writing: What I'm enjoying about these revisions is that I'm not rushing them. That's where I've previously gone wrong because when I set my mind to something I'm impatient and want it all Now! I never give myself enough time to let the dust settle before rushing in feet first (Graham will no doubt testify that this impatience doesn't only encompass my writing life!). It's only now that I've forced myself to slow down that I'm actually enjoying the journey wih Kate & Matt's story. In fact, it might even turn out that I prefer the revision stage to writing the first draft. Time will tell.
  •  Writing:

  • Wii Fit weigh-in: No change. -/+ 0 lb I'm happy with this. Hopefully next weigh-in on Saturday will show a loss.
  • General: Slept a tad better than I have been recently. Fatigue not improved although dizziness and vision seems slightly better. We now have layer of snow (again) and I'm trying not to worry that it'll get worse by next Friday's appointment at the Glaucome clinic. It has plenty of time to clear before then.
  •  Aiming to be good to myself for the rest of the day which will hopefully include a relaxing bath while I ponder further on Kate & Matt's story.

  •  Writing: Today's writing took a slightly different format in that I had a complete read through/proof read of first 20 pages before continuing. Good news is that I'm still loving the story, although time will tell whether the last two scenes I've revamped will remain in the final version.

  •  Blog Post: My recommendations for today's Follow Friday - see post above.

  •  General:  Had good night's sleep...although having fun with virtual friends made it a later-than-it would've-been bedtime. Worth it though :-). Not quite as fatigued as I was earlier in the week, but still very tired and dizziness remains. If I can manage it I'm going to toy around with new Blogger features this afternoon [EEEK].


Saskia Walker said...

You are amazing! Your meter is going up, despite everything else you have going on. I'm cheering you on. Take care of yourself. hugs!

Susan Rix said...

Aww, thank you, Saskia! Your support means a lot. Hugs xx