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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Today's a 'be careful what I do' day

Yep, changes are afoot (again!) today really is a 'be careful what I do' day - and not just to tie in with it being a 'be careful what I eat day' either!

Thankfully, my day isn't (yet) evolving into one of my 'duvet' days - my goodness it's been an age since I've given in to one of those - but if I don't take precautions it could well morph into a series of them.

When you lose someone you never really know how you're going to be. All I know is that I've become more determined that the MS isn't going to finish me off - not for a very long while, anyway, and I'm not ever going to stop battling it.

Trouble with me is that I'm always desperate to 'out do' the MS. Lately I've started almost pretending that I don't have anything wrong with me. The good news is that I'm at least recognising what's happening. Yes, I can run from the MS (metaphorically speaking of course) [big grin] but I can't hide from it - it'll catch-up with me in the end.

So, in an effort to take the reins back and stop myself from ignorantly galloping off, I've given myself permission to have a 'be careful what I do day' - and, as often as I need to.

I hope I don't bore you too much - apologies in advance if this blog suddenly goes off on a tangent. Blogging is something else that's evolving for me. I find it very cathartic to talk on here. It's like talking to myself but in a way that (hopefully) won't have the men in white coats coming to cart me off [hehe].

Here's wishing we all have a good day. :-)


Glynis said...

I have just spent the day with my friend. Her MS is advancing, but she is fighting all the way. We walked the vineyards and saw the wild flowers of spring. For her today was an out from under the duvet day.
Keep up the good fight!

Susan Rix said...

Glynis, sorry that your friend has advancing MS. Good to hear that she's fighting and how wonderful that she has you as a friend. The walk sounds lovely. Hugs to you both! Sue xx