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Monday, March 29, 2010

Woohoo! :D

I'm writing this post from my 'office' AFTER working on my writing! I'm thrilled to bits :D.

So far today I have:
  • Surfaced from my bed - which believe me, on a day like today, wasn't easy. Thanks and hugs to my hubby who lured me downstairs with the promise of choccy biccies and a sweet, hot cup of tea [today is an 'eat what you like' day]. How could I resist!
  • I briefly visited Facebook [referred to as Fb from hereonin] and twitter while drinking my tea WITHOUT checking either my cafe, or farm. How impressive is that?!
  • I read this which is an article telling how there's been a BOOM for M&B ebooks - and how M&B is now capturing a younger audience. All great news for M&B, their authors and readers. :D
  • I discovered Bernardine Kennedy's new website which is BRILLIANT! You can check it out here.
  • I did a few domestic chores determined to rebel when hubby reminded me that I could go back to bed for a nap.
  • I then snuck into the office armed with my laptop when Graham wasn't looking and began to reacquaint myself with my RNA's NWS report. When he tried to join me at his desk I shooed him away to 'work' in the lounge to be on hand for when a delivery arrives. This took some real discipline because we love being around each other - trouble is, I know we'd do nothing but chatter and little would get accomplished! It's early days for both of us trying to return to a normal 'working' day.
So, here I am, still at my desk and writing this blog post. I'm not feeling quite so fatigued as I was earlier, but that may change by the time I return downstairs.

Hope everybody else has had a good start to the week.