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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Working Wednesday?

Another day of surprises for me. No you weren't hearing things I did actually mention the word 'working' in the title of this post. Perhaps, you've even snuck a look at the word counter? Sorry to disappoint guys, there's no change there - yet. But, I have been busy:
  • I snuck into our spare bedroom earlier today [read: Office] and found myself tidying around my desk - wait for it- In Preparation for Returning to Work!!! 
Wow, I hadn't even known I'd been thinking of returning to working on my w-i-p at my desk (as opposed to my lapdesk on the sofa). Gone is the pile of untouched 'work' [read: NWS report with suggested revisions along with print out of book] that sat next to me, neglected, on the sofa. I now have room for my laptop to sit on my desk with the intention of working on Kate & Matt's story in the 'office'. Ooh, perhaps I'll even start feeling like a 'real' writer again!!!
  • This afternoon I have a GP appointment. To be honest this is going to be a particularly hard one for me to attend because
  1. I discovered my own doctor has left for maternity leave. 
  2. While I'm thrilled for her at the imminent arrival of her second baby, I am, in truth, feeling peeved that she's not going to be there for me today when I NEED HER! [small grin]
  3. The doctor I'm seeing used to my m-i-l's old doctor and I'm not sure that he'll be aware that she's recently died...
  • Today has been bright and dry and I've managed to hang out some washing for the first time this year. Yayy!
Hope everybody's having a productive day.