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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Back to work with a vengeance!

It's taken me a while I know, but I'm getting there. I can't promise regular blog posts but I am going to endeavour to share our writing journey when possible.

Yesterday I finally created a new folder on my desktop for our new manuscript. This entailled bracing myself to archive my other folder relating to the contemporary manuscript. It was tough to let go of  but I live by the belief that no writing is ever wasted. Each & every piece of writing completed and unfinished is a learning curve. I'm never saying never on the contemporaries but I know that Graham & I working together on a Historical is a no-brainer. And yes, I'm even getting that familiar stirring of excitement as we create our characters.

I'm looking forward to joining them on their exciting journey. Come back soon when I'll be sharing their names and photo inspirations...

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Showing off...

my unexpected birthday gift from my son and his fiancee that I will treasure forever.

Now if I could only speed up the healing process on my newly pierced ears so that I can wear them...

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ooh, I've done it!

After many years of promising myself I would, this morning I finally did it!

I've had my ears pierced! Pictured below is the the closest I could find of what's now sitting in my ears.

I went with the titanium studs because they're hypo-allergenic. It was a no brainer once I'd spotted the ones with gems in, and being the girly girl that I am I opted for pink!

I first had my ears pierced as a little girl of six, but my left ear went septic. I then had them pierced again at the age of nine, but again the left ear went septic...

Now at the age of *bla bla bla* I've had them pierced again... third time lucky, maybe? I hope so!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A New Direction

Lots of things have happened this year that have left us reeling. We've thought long and hard and made a joint decision to make life easier for ourselves. We’ve acknowledged several things:
  1.  I've been very unwell since 2000 with a health condition that isn't going to leave me - ever.
  2. I've got to stop seeing the MS as my enemy. The stark truth is that it's part of who I am. I need to stop beating myself up about things I can't change, no matter how hard I try. In essence I have to stop pretending that I'll be well enough one day...
  3. We are BOTH writers. 
  4. We share the SAME dream.
  5. We NEED each other.
So, this means:
  • Acknowledging that I don't have the stamina to take on writing projects solo.
  • Just because writing a novel is something I can do from my bed (when necessary) doesn't make it any easier or less tiring.
  • Ask any writer - writing is exhausting - even when you're in tip-top condition healthwise.
  • Graham and I need to help ourselves by working on the SAME project at the SAME time.
  • We’ll achieve success SOONER by working TOGETHER.

Life has already shown us that change is inevitable. It’s time to stop fighing it. Head hopping into each other’s manuscripts isn’t working. Neither of us have the stamina to be working on two books at the same time. Therefore we’ve decided that our contemporaries need to take a back seat.

Historicals are a passion for both of us. Commen sense dictates that we focus on these. Graham has the stamina (and intellect) for all the necessary research [the bit that fatigues me just thinking about it]. I have the skills to add my input to the characters & plot and I’m good at editing [so long as it’s not my own!!).

As well as sharing a love for M&B, Historicals, and reading per se, I have a passion and belief in US. Yep, for this next chapter, Historical Romance is the way to go – TOGETHER.

Monday, April 05, 2010

Taking a holiday...

from my laptop! I know, this is a first for me and trust me, it isn't easy - which is why I'm here on Easter Sunday writing this post that you won't see until umm...now, I guess. Hooray for post-dated Blogger.

I'm desperately hoping that this tactic will help prevent me from going into one of my relapses. If it doesn't? C'est La Vie. Even without MS it's fair to say that the events of the past months are starting to take their toll. Aside from the passing of my m-i-l my own mum is now coping with the dire side effects of chemotherapy...

The strange thing for me is discovering that I'm currently unable to escape to the world of my laptop. Whenever I get the urge to load it up, after a short while [so far, max 15 mins] I begin to feel very nauseous - almost like a travel sickness. I'm reading this as a sign that's telling me that I need a break from all things virtual.

So, in an attempt to embrace this sudden withdrawal from the people I love in this virtual world of mine, I'm looking at it as taking a holiday - a much needed holiday. Hopefully the sun will shine and I might even return with a suntan!!!

Watch this space...