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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A New Direction

Lots of things have happened this year that have left us reeling. We've thought long and hard and made a joint decision to make life easier for ourselves. We’ve acknowledged several things:
  1.  I've been very unwell since 2000 with a health condition that isn't going to leave me - ever.
  2. I've got to stop seeing the MS as my enemy. The stark truth is that it's part of who I am. I need to stop beating myself up about things I can't change, no matter how hard I try. In essence I have to stop pretending that I'll be well enough one day...
  3. We are BOTH writers. 
  4. We share the SAME dream.
  5. We NEED each other.
So, this means:
  • Acknowledging that I don't have the stamina to take on writing projects solo.
  • Just because writing a novel is something I can do from my bed (when necessary) doesn't make it any easier or less tiring.
  • Ask any writer - writing is exhausting - even when you're in tip-top condition healthwise.
  • Graham and I need to help ourselves by working on the SAME project at the SAME time.
  • We’ll achieve success SOONER by working TOGETHER.

Life has already shown us that change is inevitable. It’s time to stop fighing it. Head hopping into each other’s manuscripts isn’t working. Neither of us have the stamina to be working on two books at the same time. Therefore we’ve decided that our contemporaries need to take a back seat.

Historicals are a passion for both of us. Commen sense dictates that we focus on these. Graham has the stamina (and intellect) for all the necessary research [the bit that fatigues me just thinking about it]. I have the skills to add my input to the characters & plot and I’m good at editing [so long as it’s not my own!!).

As well as sharing a love for M&B, Historicals, and reading per se, I have a passion and belief in US. Yep, for this next chapter, Historical Romance is the way to go – TOGETHER.


Lizzie Lamb said...

Hi Sue, how well I know that feeling of being desperate to write and yet being unable to through illness. I've had Meniere's Disease since 1986 and I thought I'd learned how to handle it - but last Friday proved me wrong as I was overwhelmed by vertigo etc. Feeling much better now, allowing myself to surf FaceBook but not touching my re-writes until after the weekend. Together you and Graham will get there. All my ove and best wishes, Lizzie xxx

Susan Rix said...

Hi Lizzie, I've been reading up on Meniere's and I can empathise with the awful vertigo & tinnitus you experience *Hugs*. Thankfully the tinnitus hasn't been a problem for me lately, but the dizziness is a different matter.

I'm glad you're feeling better. Good decision not to get back to your writing too soon (easier said than done, I know!)

Thanks for your support. Hope your rewrites go smoothly when you're ready to start them.

Love & best wishes back to you, Sue xx

Saskia Walker said...

Ach, I'm sorry to hear this, but at the same time I'm glad you've got a plan and you've pooled your resources. That's such a good idea. You will still be moving forward as a team, and that will give you strength for all the rest. You've had so much to deal with.
Sending my best wishes and very big hugs

Susan Rix said...

Thanks, Saskia. It was a tough one to finally call but it does make a lot of sense. The important part is that I'm not giving up on writing just the stress of it - that's the bit I'm leaving for Gray! ;-)

Sending hugs back. Sue xx