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Saturday, May 08, 2010

Co-incidence or God-incidence?

My life is often filled with what some people label coincidences, but I beg to differ. I believe that some things happen for a reason and I like to refer to them as God-incidences. In my experience things rarely happen by accident - even though at the time we might feel we've stumbled across them accidentally.

About a month ago I'd been feeling particularly low and was heading towards a depression. The difference is that instead of plummeting straight into the pit, I often recognise the signs beforehand nowadays and endeavour to put some coping mechanisms into place. These can be something as simple as allowing myself a 'be good to yourself'/'duvet' day or watching an episode of Desperate Housewives/Brothers & Sisters or basically doing anything that helps me escape that threat of the hovering darkness for even a short while.

It was on this particular day that hubby and I had a heart to heart. We've been together *gulp* for seven years now and married for five of those, so it's fair to say that we know each other quite well. Graham too had recognised that I was struggling to be my 'normal-to-me' self. Our talk eventually led us to changing the course of our writing aspirations. This was a great decision but it still took me a while to filter it down enough to believe it. I then opened my email Inbox to discover this:

Your Spiritual Message For An Inspirational Day! Laura Lester Fournier

Let it go today.  Allow yourself to release into the comfort of a loving Creator.  Your sadness, grief, confusion, and anger must ultimately be released, in order to restore peace and joy into your life.  Why hang on for a lifetime, to something that can truly be released right now?  Let it go today, you are strong enough to do this. 
Laura Lester Fournier

There were two specific parts to this message that hit me with clarity:
  • 'Your sadness, grief, confusion, and anger'  - I remember thinking W-O-W these words are spot on and encapsulate everything I'm feeling: Sadness for my health difficulties. Grief for the recent death of my mother-in-law [who died from the same illness that I struggle with]. Confusion about whether I was making the right decision about my writing journey and Anger about all of the above and so much more!
  • 'Let it go today, you are strong enough to do this.' There's the double whammy... 'you are strong enough'
Coincidence that I opened this email at exactly the right time for me? I don't think so.


God-incidence? Well, seeing as He knew even before I did how I was feeling and He knew that there wasn't much hope of me reading the Holy Bible at that moment. He also knew that He'd reach me at the perfect time via my Inbox.

Well, that's my understanding.

Whatever your beliefs I recommend you pay a visit to Laura's website here and consider signing up for her Daily Spiritual Message - what've you got to lose?


Judy Jarvie said...

What a brilliant post. I've signed.
Oh and Desp Housewives/Brothers and Sisters are on my 'comfy cosy' treat list too. Boston Legal and Diva TV also (well I put up with enough sport and kids TV to justify it!)
Be good to yourself Sue. And yes, she's right. You can do it!

Susan Rix said...

Ooh, Judy, fab that you enjoy Brothers & Sisters and Desp H too. I've never seen Boston Legal or Diva TV.

Thanks for your encouragement and I ditto those four words back to you You Can Do It!