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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

It's Time

to stop procrastinating.

I have a problem: you may have noticed that I've changed my background AGAIN. What is it with me? I can't seem to stop tampering. I love messing around with web backgrounds and templates even when I can't afford the energy (or the time) to tamper.

I think I know what's caused it this time around - my writerly change of direction. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that I'd be fully involved with writing historicals. Now I'm getting used to the idea and I can't imagine why I never thought of it before (well, that's not strictly true it was one simple, but crucial, word 'RESEARCH' that stopped me every time I dared to consider it).

My reason for this blog change is two-fold:
  1. I wanted a background that relates more to our writing genre and this is the closest I've found to suit an Anglo-Saxon setting.
  2. I wanted to streamline the content as far as I could to enable a faster download. I know of several people who might steer clear of this blog because they're on a slower connection or dial-up.
So, there you have it. Now, I'm going cold-turkey with my addiction of fiddling and I'm not even going to visit this blog until it's time to change the wordcounter or reply to a comment. Oh yes, speaking of wordcounter, have you noticed anything?

Yep, our first rough & dirty draft has begun...