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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Going to a writers' conference?

It's Writer's Wednesday over at PHS with tips that'll be of particular interest to those booked to go to a writers' conference. Sadly, this year, I'm not one of them. However, even for those of us who aren't attending anything this year, these are tips that are worth reading (and, note-to-self, remembering!).

I've only been to one conference - last year's RNA. In my own experience as a newbie conference attendee, before I had even left home I felt overwhelmed at the realisation that I was finally on my way to an RNA conference. It was such a HUGE deal for me. Consequently, the excitement itself had taken its toll even before I made it to Registration!

The advice from this PHS post that particularly resonates with me is:

  • Nicola Marsh advises, "...Take time out when you need it..." 
This sounds like such an easy thing to do but trust me when I say that it's also one of the hardest. Attending an RNA event was something I'd dreamed about for sooo long that I couldn't bear the thought of missing ANYTHING.

I planned ahead but when the time came I didn't allow myself to be flexible. I'm determined that next time I'll attend fewer workshops with the intention of feeling a lot more relaxed and fresh. This *should* help me to avoid feeling/looking harassed and more able to focus my attention fully on where I am (as opposed to worrying about how the heck I'll make it to the next session on time...).

  • Kate Hardy offers a practical tip, "Bring your own tea bags..."
My biggest regret was not braving the apartment block kitchen - or gate-crashing others. I guess at the time I was too overwrought with the exacerbation of chronic dizziness/fatigue (more from putting myself under too much pressure to attend everything, than anything else!).

So, this PHS post has shown me what not to do at my next conference. Thanks, PHSers, I'm feeling more confident (and prepared) for my next time. :D


Suzanne Jones said...

I'm not going to this year's conference either.

Thanks for the link, looks like there's some good advice over there.


Julie Cohen said...

Thanks for the link, I'm going to go look! I never take time out at conferences, and I always wish I had. Somehow i always forget!

Susan Rix said...

Hi Suzanne, here's to our being extra prepared for when we do make it to the conference. ; )

Susan Rix said...

Hi Julie, it's a wonderful buzz to get caught up in and time goes so quickly that it's very hard to hold back. At least the memories make it worth it - eventually!

Nell Dixon said...

It was fab to finally meet you and Gray at last years conference. you can crash in our kitchen anytime.

Susan Rix said...

Ditto, Nell! I'll look forward to crashing in on your kitchen next time. ; )

Nina Harrington said...

So sorry that you are not going to Greenwich this year - it was lovely to meet you and Gray last July in Penrith and hope to see you both again soon. [ Even if I did probably contribute to the wearing you out bit!]
LOL love Nina

Susan Rix said...

Nina, it was fab to meet you too! Trust me when I say that you didn't contribute to the wearing me out bit - 'twas the looong queues at lunch/dinner and getting to the table! You were one of the highlights of the weekend. ; )

Have a wonderful time st Greenwich! xx