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Monday, August 16, 2010

Reality Strikes!

Our current Historical manuscript isn’t going to meet the RNA’s NWS deadline of the 31 August. We’re aware that while we can submit a partial/unpolished manuscript, we’d rather not. We need to know that we’ve given Leola and Wulfric our absolute best, and at this time, we haven’t. It’s as simple as that.

Disappointed? Of course. Relieved? Absolutely! No writer ever knows what Real Life has in store, and Graham & I are as happy as we can be with the knowledge that we’ve made the right decision.

Yes, it’s two fully paid memberships to the NWS with no critiques to show for it, but we’re okay with that. We’re confident that the money isn’t wasted and we’re happy to see it as our donation. The RNA (especially the NWS) does amazing work and it’s thanks to this that we’re two unpublished writers who know that it’s only a matter of time before we become fully fledged members.

In the meantime, Leola and Wulfric can relax knowing that we’re doing our best for their story.


Saskia Walker said...

That's a shame, but you've obviously done the right thing. Next year will come round quickly enough. It's great to see your word meter so far over 50%. I'm cheering you both on!

Anonymous said...

You can send it in in January next year - you don't have to wait until August.

Susan Rix said...

Hi Saskia! So true, next year's already zooming towards us at an alarming rate!

We both love (and believe in) this story - thanks for the cheers, they're very much appreciated. <3 Sue xx

Susan Rix said...

Hi Fennella, thanks for stopping by with your timely reminder. We're looking forward (read: hoping!) to be early rather than late next year! : )

Lacey Devlin said...

Aw such a shame, but I love your attitudes. Life does tend to get in the way. I have my fingers crossed for you for next year!

Susan Rix said...

Thanks, Lacey! Roll on next year... : )